Chad Goller-Sojourner is a Seattle-based memoir and personal narrative essayist, solo-performer, and recipient of a distinguished Washington State Arts Commission Performing Arts Fellowship. At times funny, biting, and somber, Chad’s works take readers and audiences on intense and insightful journeys, ultimately demonstrating how even the most painful of experiences can be reclaimed, transformed, and accepted for what they are: the building blocks of our unique identities.

He is currently working a written memoir entitled, Born One Thousand Years Too Early: Fat, Dark-Skinned, Gay, and Adopted by White Folks: A Fragmentary Journey Towards Alignment. Previous works include “Marching in Gucci: Memoirs of a Well-Dressed AIDS Activist” which explores coming-of-age as a black gay AIDS activist in the nineties in New York City and the paradoxical relationship between fighting to save lives of the unknown while simultaneously engaging in multiple self-harming behaviors.

“Riding in Cars with Black People and Other Newly Dangerous Acts: A Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness” explores the complex and often misunderstood world of race, privilege, and policing through the lens of a black boy, raised by white parents, who “ages out” of honorary white and suburban privilege and into a world where he is deemed dangerous until proven otherwise.

“Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy” is the story of a fat, gay, bulimic, black boy raised by white parents and struggling to find beauty, acceptance, and safe spaces, while unpacking the mother lode of identity construction and self-preservation mechanisms. When not waiting by the phone for Oprah or Ryan Reynolds to call, Chad continues to write, coach, and bake, though often not in that order.

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Twitter: @essay_coaching
Instagram: bearingwitnessadmissions


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